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Monday, April 7, 2008


Just ran across an interesting article about a man who has three businesses dealing with death. Vidal Herrera was a deputy field investigator in Los Angeles County’s coroner’s office, but he ruptured 3 discs in his back while moving a 284 pound suicide victim. That career being over, he started a new business called 1800autopsy.com, in which he performs private autopsies and other forensic services. This business brings in about $600k a year. Vidal has another interest too, it’s collecting morgue equipment. Yeah, I know. Pretty freaky. He’s turned that hobby into another business, called morgueproprentals.com. He makes about $100k/year renting out his equipment to television shows like CSI, House, and Law and Order. Finally, his third and newest business is called coffincouches.com, in which he recycles used coffins and turns them into unique couches. Hmm. Don’t think that would fit into my house d├ęcor…