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Monday, April 21, 2008

Need to shop please donate!

I can’t remember what city I was in, but there was a bum on the street with a sign that said “Why lie? Need money for Beer.” It seemed every car was giving that guy money. Along the same lines, I think Karyn of SaveKaryn.com did so well with her website in 2002 because she was incredibly brazen plus people thought her website was funny. She was $20,000 in debt from buying too many BCBG tops, Starbucks lattes and Gucci bags. What to do? Put up a website and ask individuals to donate a dollar a piece to get her out of debt. And donate they did. In fact, two million people hit her site within 20 weeks. They sent her all kinds of money via Paypal and snail mail. She was interviewed by Matt Lauer, People, and the New York Times. She did so well with her website she donated the rest of the money she made to charity. Today she has a book called 20 times a Lady.