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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Got Quotes?

My roommate in college spent every extra minute she had writing down quotes she heard from other people. She had pages and pages of stuff in her notebooks. In fact, she preferred to do this over attending classes. There’s a company called Quotable Cards that should hire her. I believe I first saw these cards in Santa Monica a few years ago, they left an impression. Today I was in Whole Foods and saw these cards and magnets there too. I literally could have spent hours reading all the cards, they are so insightful and interesting. The company was founded by Gillian Simon and Matt Vogel in 1993 after they graduated with degrees in art history (the class I personally got my lowest grade ever in school), and English. Their mission was to inspire as many people as possible. Guess they have accomplished this goal – their products are in hundreds of stores throughout the world.