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Friday, April 11, 2008

Doing Good part 2

I recently wrote about Greyston Bakery and my fascination with employing the “unemployable”. Today I learned about another organization on the west coast with a similar principle. The company is a non-profit called Homeboy Industries. They have several budding businesses, the first is a t-shirt silkscreening business. It employs 18 former gang members, in an effort to get them off the streets. The revenue generated, $1.1 million last year, goes to fund the rehabilitation efforts like housing assistance, mental therapy, job development counseling and tattoo removal. The company also employs 25 former gang members with Homeboy Bakery, a business hoping to produce millions of dollars in revenue in the next couple years. Additionally, Homegirl Café has a staff of 27 women impacted from gangs, and Homeboy maintenance makes about $6000/month. This corporation is the brainchild of Jesuit priest Father Boyle, in an effort to break the cycle of gangs and help them become contributing members to society. God Bless you, Father Boyle!