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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Coming soon to a city near you

I’m not really an environmentalist, but since it’s Earth Day today, I thought I’d honor the occasion with some “green” business startup stories.
When I moved into our house I received a blue trashcan from the city of Scottsdale for recyclable waste. As a resident of the city and the planet Earth, I’m supposed to recycle (and do), but I’ve wondered how much money the city makes by recycling my waste. Today I heard about a company called Recycle Bank with a win win win proposition. They have rolled out a program that offers incentives up to $400 per year to people who recycle. The recycle bins given to consumers have a barcode on them, and the loaded bins are weighed before the “waste” is thrown into a truck. Recyclers are given coupons for shopping based on how much they recycle in a year. As a result of this program, recyclers are happy, the Earth is happy, and the company last year had $5 million in revenue. Hopefully this program will be rolled out my way soon.