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Sunday, April 13, 2008

26.2 miles and counting

I haven’t run a marathon yet for a myriad of reasons, first and foremost being I can barely run one mile let alone 26. Several years ago I was working in Los Angeles and a guy I worked with ran the San Diego Rock and Roll marathon. He wasn’t alone. Apparently the event was the largest inaugural running event in history. The founder of Elite Racing, Tim Murphy, has run four marathons and he felt the events of the past lacked spectator participation and community. So he developed the concept of a Rock and Roll marathon, with musicians at every mile. Amazing what that concept has done for tourism, the sport of running, and the economy in the cities in which the marathons take place. Today Elite Racing hosts events in the following cities: San Antonio, San Diego, Phoenix, Nashville, San Jose, Virginia Beach, Carlsbad, and Philadelphia. Over the last twelve years they have brought in hundreds of millions of dollars to the local economies and have raised millions for charities.