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Monday, March 31, 2008

Special tours

Speaking of wine from my last post, I’m reminded of another experience I had while touring through Bordeaux, France. I had booked a tour guide to take us through the first growth chateaus, as I knew it would be difficult to get in on my own. The concierge at the hotel we were staying in gave me the name of Bade Jurgen, who gave us a private tour. He met us at the airport and was about five minutes late. “Where are your bags?” he asked. “Aren’t you from America? You should have about five bags each if you’re from America.” Nope. Not us. We just took carry-ons for the two week trip. The minute we got into his van he asked “So what do you think of President Bush?” uh. Not something I wanted to get into a discussion about on the first day of five with this guy. “Bush is Cowboy – Bang Bang!” he said. The next topic he brought up was our ancestry and last names. “Oh, you’re from Armenia." he said to my husban. "Armenians are bandits and thieves.” At this point I was a little worried our trip wouldn’t go well. However, we ended up loving this guy, even invited him to visit us when he comes to America, and by the end of the trip we were giving him gifts. I will try to find his contact info and post it.