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Friday, March 14, 2008

It started with a ball

I’m always interested in how people make money and how they come up with their successful businesses. The other night I was watching Donny Deutsch and heard about this lady who came up with Sendaball.com. The concept is you send a ball instead of a card for a birthday or celebratory event. Apparently the company has made millions. Who’d a thunk? The founder claims she was watching Oprah when she got a “sign” she needed to start this business. I’ve watched Oprah hundreds of times and it's never dawned on me to send someone a ball through the mail for a business. Maybe I’m not listening to my signs enough.
One bit of advice: expand your product line! Once I’ve sent a ball to someone, the gig is pretty much up. One trick pony. What about send a rubik’s cube in the future? Or send a chair? I want 10% for that expansion idea, by the way.


Anonymous said...

this is Michele from Sendaball. Thank you so much for the kind words - as for making millions? Not yet, but someday! I do have other products but took them off the site when we were featured on Oprah as they felt it wasn't 'family friendly'. I have hockey pucks that say "happy PUCKin birthday", "PUCKer up" and "SHOT HAPPENS". I also have a sand pail that says, "have a BUCKET of fun on your birthday", and a slice of wood that says, "what WOOD i do without you?". I'll put them back on the site - thanks for reminding me!