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Saturday, January 1, 2000

About Me

I grew up on a farm outside a small town in Nebraska. I have a sister. There were as many kids in my graduating Catholic high school class as there are letters in the alphabet.My uncle got me my first job out of college as a cost accountant. I went on to become an SAP software consultant, spending time in:

  • Chicago
  • Salt Lake City
  • Kewanee Illinois
  • Binghamton New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Phoenix

I live in AZ with my hubby and two daughters. I like wine, food, traveling, friends, swimming, Costco and the internet.

My dream is to have my own business – my company name on a big sign, and to spoil my employees with fun parties and have huge success. I have a list of over 100 business ideas I want to start, but as a stay at home mom, life is demanding and I know I don’t have time to dedicate myself fully to working on a business right now. In the meantime, I will live vicariously through other people’s businesses and write about their successes. I love to learn from the paths others have taken. I want to share these stories in order to inspire entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses.


Anonymous said...

I see that you are highly motivated. You just need some click and we'll be seeing your company name on big sighboards :)


Dan said...

I propose the business is something I know you are good at. I worked with you before and you were one of the best SAP consultants I have worked with... If you do not want to get back with a firm that is cool. There is another way I have been thinking about for a while. I would propose that we produce training videos on SAP. You could do it from home and it would be a part time gig. I have already produced two videos. Both are listed on Amazon and CreateSpace.com. Let me know what you think. Your pal Daniel.

Danzel said...

That text has brightened my mind to this issue. I'm huge fan of the writer. I' m awaiting for the more texts.